Kourtney Kardashian shares three children with her former partner, Scott Disick. But, even after three pregnancies, she has seemingly maintained her figure over the years.

The latest issue of Us Weekly reveals different diet programs and fitness routines that celebrities follow these days. The list includes Kardashian, who is said to turn to the well-known Keto Diet "when she wants to slim down quickly."

In this program, the reality star replaces carbs with high-fat and protein options. But, Kardashian does not utilize it on a daily basis as she reportedly still "prefers a clean diet."

For her "less extreme" regimen, she likes "little to no sugar, dairy, or gluten." The magazine claimed that some of the meals she consumes in a day are avocado pudding, gluten-free rice tortilla with turkey meat, and salad.

Although the Poosh founder is strict with her diet, she approves of cheat days. She even deemed an every once in a while indulgence as "self-care," adding that everyone deserves "days off" with no guilt or boundaries.

As for the specific treats that Kourtney Kardashian gives herself, her favorites are "pizza and ice cream," according to Elle. But, she focuses on indulging in "organic desserts," like matcha chia seed pudding.

Following an effective diet plan is not the only thing Kourtney Kardashian does for her health and figure. She, also, has a workout regime that allows her to "stay in shape," according to Cosmopolitan.

The "Keeping Up" star once stated that she would work out every day if she could. But, considering that she needs rest days for recovery, she reportedly averages "around six sessions" per week.

In the gym, Kardashian is said to have favored High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workouts. The routines are allegedly centered on "toning, lifting, tightening, and fat-burning."

Treadmill exercises are, also, part of her fitness regimen. This is especially true when she wants to incorporate more cardio into her program.

Alongside doing HIIT workouts, Kourtney Kardashian does reformer Pilates, as well. The publication said that it is an excellent program to improve posture to tone up the entire body.

Fans and followers know the Poosh founder does regular sessions as she always posts about it on her social media accounts. Some photos even show her "scary-looking home machine" that she uses during practice.

On top of it all, Kardashian keeps an active lifestyle with the help of her three children. She reportedly runs around in her garden, along with her kids. Moreover, swimming and taking long hikes in the hills are, also, part of her fitness routines.