Angelina Jolie previously had a victory over her custody battle with Brad Pitt. But, despite the win, the fight continues and rages on.

As this dynamic goes, sources revealed to OK! magazine that she is "looking for a man who will help her forget her troubles." She is, reportedly, finding "someone to help take the edge off," adding that this person is her "former paramour."

The mystery individual in question is said to be her "Salt" dialect coach. The insiders explained that Jolie is "hoping to pick up where she left off" with him as it would be "easier" instead of recreating the same "red-hot remance" with someone else.

However, the informants did not provide any proof to support the accusations. Hence, there is no way to know whether the claims are true.

Angelina Jolie has not broken her silence, as well. So, unless she does, and talks about the matter, the reports remain speculative narratives.

As for the matters relating to "former paramour," the decade-old story has never been proven. Fans would recall that the allegation, involving Jolie with her "Salt" dialect coach first emerged in 2010.

This came after hotel housekeeper Anna Kowalski told reporters that she found the actress's suite at the Waldorf Astoria "trashed," and littered with empty vodka bottles, alongside "black rubber sheets and sex toys" on the bed. It was stated that this took place during one of the numerous occasions of a man visiting the "Eternals" star late at night at the hotel.

A few weeks after the story broke, one of the dialect coaches of Angelina Jolie, Howard Samuelsohn, dismissed the rumors. He attested that the actress never had an affair with a coach she worked with on the set of "Salt."

Samuelsohn continued that none of the five other coaches "would ever cross that professional line." He added, however, that if the story was true, he was certain that it was not one of them, according to Hollywood Life.

The publication, later on, stated that the entire narrative had everyone shocked. Even so, Kowalski's initial statements reportedly seemed "a little suspicious," considering the hotel fired her long before reporters tracked her down.

Meanwhile, Angelina Jolie has been facing another set of dating rumors in the last few months. Prior to the premiere of "Eternals," several speculations emerged, saying that she and The Weeknd are in a relationship.

Buzzfeed News said that the talks about the matter began when witnesses spotted them a few times, having dinner and hanging out. But, when asked regarding the issue, Jolie seemingly "swerved" the question and focused on discussing the Marvel film.