The controversies surrounding Prince Andrew have continued to develop these past few years. Things have even taken a shocking turn in the last few weeks after reports of Meghan Markle potentially testifying in the lawsuit have made headlines.

Palace insiders recently spilled new information about the matter with Globe for its new and upcoming issue. As claimed, the former actress's inclusion into the legal battle "terrifies" the Duke of York as this may cause the sealing of his fate.

The Duchess of Sussex talking to the plaintiff's legal team is reportedly the last thing he needs. This came as Prince Harry's wife is said to have already proven that she is a "loose cannon."

The same sources subsequently explained that deposing Meghan Markle plays into her "publicity-obsessed hands," adding that there is "no bigger stage than taking a starring role" in Prince Andrew's scandal. This is allegedly because "she sees herself as Queen of Hollywood."

Another informant, later on, told the publication that Queen Elizabeth II and her second son thought the lawsuit would go away. However, "it refuses to die" as more developments have surfaced these past few months.

Furthermore, the Duchess of Sussex is said to "star as ringmaster" in it, considering that the whole debacle has started to become a "three-ring circus."

The latest allegations involving Meghan Markle seemingly emerged after lawyer David Boies suggested possibly deposing her if their case against Prince Andrew goes to trial. He reasoned that their camp has jurisdiction over the former actress because she is in the United States, according to People.

He, also, shared in his December interview that, given her time in the British Monarchy as a working royal in the past, the Duchess of Sussex was a "close associate" of the Duke of York. On top of it all, she is said to be a reliable individual as she tells the truth.

Amid all the reports, however, it remains unclear how the British Royals have taken the latest developments in the controversy surrounding Prince Andrew. No official word has been heard from the Royal Firm, as well as from the Duke of York himself.

Likewise, Meghan Markle, alongside her representatives, has yet to break her silence regarding the issue. Hence, no one knows from the public how things are moving inside the British Royal Family.

In addition to the scarcity of information, the supposed insiders have yet to produce evidence that will support the latest claims. Accordingly, the entire narrative appears to take its bases on mere speculations.