2022 is a special year for Kate Middleton as it marks a special milestone in her life. She will turn 40 years old a few days from now, and the world is watching.

But, with the recent events due to the COVID-19 pandemic, any grand plan she has will not likely happen. Express UK, accordingly, concluded that she is about to face another "birthday heartbreak" on January 9.

The publication explained that it will be the second year the Duchess of Cambridge may need to celebrate her birthday on a small scale. Although the country has yet to reimpose restrictions and strict measures, the British Royal Family has already taken precautions in the last few months.

The British Royals had to cancel their traditional Christmas celebrations a few weeks ago to limit the spread of COVID-19. Apart from their annual luncheon, they had to ax their royal gathering at Sandringham.

Kate Middleton and the rest of the Royal Firm have yet to disclose any information about their plans for her upcoming birthday. But, sources previously told New Idea that Prince William has a plan in store for his wife's special day.

It is alleged that the Duke of Cambridge intended to fly her, alongside their three children, to New York City. He was reportedly "excited," adding that he already had ideas for activities, like visiting museums and skating on ice.

The insiders insisted that the Wales Prince thought of the surprise because the future Queen Consort had lamented about not spending enough time in the Big Apple since their last visit. Fans would recall that the pair had a royal tour in the city in 2014.

There are no confirmations that have emerged regarding the said surprise of Prince William. But, whatever their plans are for Kate Middleton's birthday, many are certain that they will no longer happen, especially if they involve spending time outdoors.

Meanwhile, there are other reports, suggesting that the Duchess of Cambridge prefers to have a "low-key" birthday celebrationExpress UK previously stated that she favors this kind of approach to her special day in recent years.

During her 39th birthday, she spent the day with her husband and children at home. A source close to the royal even asserted that being with them is her "favorite way" of spending her birthday.

Kate Middleton had a similar celebration during her 38th birthday. Despite the lack of confirmations, it is believed that she held a small gathering in Anmer Hall for her closest friends and family.