As the wife of the second in the line of succession to the British throne, Kate Middleton will have her own title and it may be a "bittersweet moment" for her husband, Prince William.

Why? She may receive the same title his late mother, Princess Diana, had.

Prince Charles is believed to bestow his Prince of Wales title to Prince William when his accession comes, making Kate the Princess of Wales. If this happens, it may make the Duke of Cambridge emotional.

Camilla Parker-Bowles currently holds the Princess of Wales title, but she does not use it in respect of its previous owner. So, if the Duchess of Cambridge gets this name, a source told Telegraph, via Marie Claire, that it would highly likely "bring up a mix of emotions" for her better half.

"I'm sure it'll be a bit of a bittersweet moment," the insider revealed. As the son and the daughter-in-law of the People's Princess, the title change may come "full circle."

It will also be a poignant reminder for everyone of what was lost when Princess Diana died. Though this may be a difficult moment for Prince William, it cannot be denied that Kate is more than ready to take this new role.

She has exuded her incredible confidence throughout the years, making her called the queen in waiting. Body language expert Darren Stanton told Marie Claire that she had shown everyone an "open and honest smile" that makes her whole face look engaged.

She does not look confident as a royal alone, but a public figure and a loving parent, too. With that being said, Richard Fitzwilliams saw the need to change what people used to call Kate, Express noted.

She is mostly referred to as Kate Middleton, despite being a duchess for more than 10 years upon marriage with Prince William. So, she must be referred to by her royal title instead of her maiden name and it should be a priority.

However, he knows it is hard to break an old habit. When she started dating Prince William and became famous, Kate is the name people had first associated her with. It also makes her more relatable, so despite the need to change it, it "seems unlikely."

Kate has been compared to Princess Diana for years. Though these two never met, Kate holds her mother-in-law close to her heart.

Kate honors Princess Diana with the latter's fashion and jewelry and that can be seen on her series of photographs, taken to commemorate Kate's 40th birthday. Kate chose to pay tribute to Princess Diana by doing the traditional pose in a black-and-white photo and wearing the late princess' diamond and pearl drop earrings and her iconic sapphire engagement ring.