The fight against Gas and the rest of the Heeters will continue in "Dragon Ball Super" Chapter 80. With the Saiyans still around, how can Vegeta and Goku help out Granolah?

The tide of the game has changed and Vegeta and Goku are now on Granolah's side. The three will make sure the Heeters will pay for their crimes and Granolah will give justice to his people and planet in "Dragon Ball Super" Chapter 80.

Although Granolah is no longer the strongest warrior in the universe, replaced by Gas himself, Vegeta believes he still has a big chance to win, Epic Dope noted. However, it remains to be seen if Gas has already given his full strength after his incredible power-up.

So, will Granolah have the chance to defeat Gas before the latter uses his full potential? The upcoming installment will reveal who will nearly get defeated and who has the edge to win.

It will also unveil the real motive of Elec's side. Meanwhile, the franchise's official website has dropped the first look at the big fight in the next chapter, per Comicbook.

The update went live in Japan, featuring a sketch from a "Dragon Ball Super" Chapter 80 scene. It showed Granolah and Gas in a standoff, locking legs and hinting at an intense battle.

The last Cerelian race could be seen arching his back with his leg reaching out to kick Gas. He is now equipped with a headgear after he tossed it way back then.

As his level of power decreased, he had nothing but rage after he learned what Gas did to his people that led to their destruction. Gas, alternatively, has a new sleek costume after his group wished for him to become the strongest warrior in the universe.

The long-haired enemy is locking legs with Granolah and they are both trying to land a kick on each other. So far, the two have only hit a stalemate.

So as expected, their battle will continue, making this promo not a surprise at all. In fact, the manga has been setting up their fight for a few months now and many are commending Granolah for pushing himself.

It cannot be denied that their battle is one of the bests in "Dragon Ball Super" despite not involving Goku himself. By the looks of it, manga creator Akira Toriyama is now thinking out of the box by not featuring Goku in every battle.

He is now giving other characters a chance to stand out. So, fans may see more of Granolah and Gas' battle in the upcoming chapters. "Dragon Ball Super" Chapter 80 is set to be out on Thursday, Jan. 20.