"Boruto" Episode 231 featured a filler episode, with Tsubaki having a samurai block. As a senior from her samurai school, Sazanka, went on a killing spree; would she finally do something about it in "Boruto" Episode 232?

Fans hope the upcoming "Boruto" Episode 232 will have something to do with its source material. Viewers want to see the series to be more faithful to the manga, featuring the action-packed fights of Boruto and the rest of the gang.

The previous episode is another installment that featured someone who has turned into a villain and a hero blames himself for it, though this person is obviously pure evil. Epic Dope noted this kind of storyline had been part of the series since "Naruto" and some are already getting tired of it.

Anyhow, fans have to admit that they are still waiting for the series' new episode every week. They have been faithful to the anime that they never give it up.

People behind the show, along with its creator, Masashi Kishimoto, and its studio, Pierrot Co., Ltd., have been hard at work to give fans what they want. In fact, it now has a new opening and ending theme.

Though many love it, it cannot be denied that others still prefer the old opening. Anyhow, when "Boruto" Episode 232 drops, Sports Keeda revealed it would mostly focus on Team 5 and Denku as they are set to receive their first B-ranked mission.

It remains to be seen if it will continue Tsubaki's storyline, though many are hoping to see how this particular story goes. Will she end up killing Sazanka?

Meanwhile, in "Boruto" Episode 231, Namida wondered why a man looked terrified after seeing Tsubaki, per OtakuKart News. The latter noticed sword slashes and believed someone very skilled had done it.

Sazanka cut trees that way, making her think if he was the one behind this. She knew he was about to inherit Kurosawa when Lord Mifune retired when they talked about the swordsmanship tournament in the past.

She had acknowledged Sazanka's talent, saying he was worthy of having the Kurosawa. Tsubaki, along with Namida and Wasabi, went to a food store and learned about another incident.

Tsubaki, then, told them about Sazanka and how great of a samurai he was. With her story, Wasabi wondered if Tsubaki could fight a fellow disciple.

Tsubaki started her training and went on a mission the next day. Wasabi used herself as bait to lure the bandits, who Namida defeated with just a single blast.

Sazanka, then, arrived and Tsubaki faced him. Sazanka effortlessly hurt Tsubaki and mocked her for being a samurai who could not wield a sword.

Can Tsubaki beat Sazanka? Find out when "Boruto" Episode 232 drops on Sunday, Jan. 16.