"One Piece" Chapter 1037 is finally out and it features the rematch between Luffy and Kaido. Everything starts with a good note with everyone laughing and having a good time.

Titled "Shuron Hakke," "One Piece" Chapter 1037 features the cover picture of Vinsmoke, Judge, Ichiji and Reiju. From here, the first panel will be revealed and it shows the Flower capital.

Recent Highlights noted everyone is having fun, writing their wishes on floating paper lanterns. The Onigashima castle is next seen, with Kaido and Luffy continuing their one-on-one battle.

Kaido enjoys a barrel of sake, making Luffy think he will eventually get drunk. He can no longer do his best in their fight if that happens.

However, for Kaido, getting drunk in a fight means acknowledging Luffy as a "worthy opponent." Kaido has three drunken fighting modes: Sad drunk mode, Crying drunk mode and Anger drunk mode.

From here, they will be fighting each other with their unique abilities. Kaido has already destroyed half of the Onigashima while in his hybrid form.

Luffy will stop his enemy's Kanabo using his left hand and stretch his leg to hit Kaido's stomach. As Kaido spits blood and his eyes turn blank, does this mean fans are about to see his end in "One Piece" Chapter 1037?

The spoilers, then, get to show the place where the Gorosei resides. They talk about the Reveries and how it seems to be a curse and the events happening in Wano.

They never think anyone will last to fight Kaido, while they assume Robin may have already been arrested. It, then, shows the World Government's fleet near Wano, with a gigantic shadow approaching.

When Gorosei ask who it is, they say it is like an island. The next scene shows Gorosei sweating, thinking it has already been centuries since that "devil fruit" has awakened.

In fact, it is already considered a legend, but the world government goes out of its way to give it its second name. The gigantic show is Zuneisha, so what is the fruit Gorosei has been talking about?

Meanwhile, back to Luffy and Kaido's fight, the latter's strength is now diminishing, giving the Straw Hat Pirates' captain the chance to bring him down, per OtakuKart News. Kaido has already lost his Lead Performers, making him alone in this fight.

The battle on both sides continues, with Fugga and Rokki exchanging attacks. The Samurai has managed to push Kaido's subordinates, while the CP0s have other plans.

Now that the Samurai and Straw Hats have the upper hand in this war, it gives them an edge to beat Kaido and the rest of the Beast Pirates. "One Piece" Chapter 1037 will drop on Monday, Jan. 17.