Queen's Ice Oni virus is continuously terrorizing the Straw Hat Pirates and so, Chopper will do something about it in "One Piece" Episode 1006. He may do his best to find an antidote to fight the virus and free them all.

The next episode will bear the title "The Power of Ice Oni! A New Version of the Plague Rounds!" The battle against Kaido and his Beast Pirates will continue and the Straw Hats will do their bests to be on top in "One Piece" Episode 1006.

Epic Dope noted the Animal Kingdom pirates will try to change the tide of the game. They will send their men to stop Luffy from reaching Kaido so that the battle will be in their favor.

Chopper will also make a move to stop Queen's atrocities. His Ice Oni virus has been spreading further and infecting hundreds of people and there is a dire need for it to be controlled.

There will be a confrontation between Nami, Usopp, and Ulti in the new episode preview. Fans will also see the much-awaited face-off of the Akazaya Nine and Kaido.

Sports Keeda revealed "One Piece" Episode 1006 would cover a part of the manga's Chapter 993 and the majority of Chapter 994. The previous episode's scene where Kikunojo lost her arm after attacking Kaido ended Chapter 993.

The next sequence would be the Scabbards addressing the situation, which was Chapter 994. In addition, viewers will see Queen's hand, Scracthmen Apoo, as the antidote for the Ice Oni.

So, Zoro will start to chase Apoo to obtain the cure. From here, the episode may end with Yamato finally having the chance to speak and get to know Shinobu and Momonosuke.

Meanwhile, in "One Piece" Episode 1005, Kaido had now unleashed some of his most powerful attacks. The minks, too, were unstoppable and even defeated Jack without breaking a sweat, thanks to the full moon, per OtakuKart News.

From here, Kaido's battle against the nine scabbards began. Though the group managed to push him down and bled, Kaido still saw them as "empty husks."

Kaido, then, unleashed powerful slashes that severed Okiku's arm, leaving them in near defeat. All this happened as Luffy fought to make his way to the rooftop.

But with how things were going, it might take him a little while before he could finally face Kaido. Queen just unleashed his newly-developed virus, creating huge chaos.

Thankfully, Chopper arrived and the Straw Hats' genius doctor would do something about it. Moreover, Jinbe finally had his entrance.

He and Sanji would ensure that Luffy had the energy to face Kaido in a showdown. Will this finally happen in "One Piece" Episode 1006? Find out when the new episode drops on Saturday, Jan. 15.