Fans may witness the reunion of Armin, Mikasa and Eren in "Attack on Titan" Season 4 Part 2 Episode 2, titled "Sneak Attack." Eren is on the verge of dying in the hands of Reiner and Armin, Mikasa and the rest of the Survey Corps will come to his rescue.

Will his friends make it in time with the severe damage Eren has already sustained in his fight against the Marleyan soldiers? Will Eren use the power of rumbling to survive in "Attack on Titan" Season 4 Part 2 Episode?

Epic Dope noted Armin, Mikasa and other Survey Corps members would make their way out of prison to help Eren. They will try to save him from Reiner's vicious attacks, though they really do not want to side with Eren.

Armin believes Eren can save the island with the rumbling. So, he manages to convince everyone to help Eren survive this attack.

However, no one really knows what Eren's plan is. Armin thinks he does not want the Eldian race to end, though Eren has stopped talking and telling anyone about his real intention. With that said, many hope Armin's judgment is valid.

Alternatively, fans may get an update about Levi's condition in "Attack on Titan" Season 4 Part 2 Episode 2. Thankfully, Hange manages to escape from the Jeagarists with the fan-favorite captain.

Despite his condition, many believe Levi is still alive. Hange did not let Floch check on him and even take advantage of the opportunity to get away from them as soon as she could.

Meanwhile, in "Attack on Titan" Season 4 Part 2 Episode 1, Eren and Reiner faced each other again, per Sports Keeda. Eren did not heed Yelena's advice not to fight in the open against the Marleyan army.

He started to face the enemies alone, stressing Reiner had to be the one who would force his allies to do something stupid. He called the attack nonsense, hinting that he had something up his sleeves.

However, he seemed to be in a tight spot after being cornered by Reiner's Armored Titan, Pieck's Cart Titan and Galliard's Jaw Titan. Still, he was yet to reveal his cards.

Eren seemed to have no plan to leave his Titan body despite being on the verge of losing. Elsewhere, Onyankopon freed Armin, Mikasa, Jean, Connie and the other Survey Corps members, begging them to help save Eren.

Though Armin pointed out the contrast between Eren's actions and ideals, he was still willing to help his friend. Fans already noticed these inconsistencies in Eren's behavior when he confronted Mikasa and Armin, so what would be Eren's reaction when they come to save him?

Find out when "Attack on Titan" Season 4 Part 2 Episode 2 drops on Monday, Jan. 17.