"Dragon Ball Super" Chapter 80 has dropped its first look to the continuation of Gas and Granolah's fight. The two have been in a battle of power and pride and no one wants to get defeated.

Akira Toriyama is still busy working to feature the big battle between Granolah and Gas. By the looks of it, they are about to surpass the greatest war in Dragon Ball Super history with their immense power in "Dragon Ball Super" Chapter 80.

The franchise's official website dropped the update live in Japan on Monday, Jan. 10. It features a sketch of the two fighters in a showdown, locking legs in a standoff, Comicbook noted.

Granolah can be seen arching his back with a leg reaching out to kick his enemy in the left corner. He now dons a headgear after tossing it before. Of course, he is powered by great rage after he has learned what Gas did to his people.

In the right corner is Gas. The villain looks more buff than ever with longer hair and rocking a new sleek costume.


He is locking legs with Granolah in an intense fight, as they are both trying to kick each other. As expected, their battle will continue in "Dragon Ball Super" Chapter 80, so the preview is not a surprise at all.

In fact, the series had been setting up their feud a few months ago and Granolah could now be seen pushing himself. Their fight is said to be one of the best in the series, despite not involving Goku himself.

By the looks of it, Toriyama is now thinking outside the box by creating a great battle that does not involve the protagonist himself. Knowing how the mangaka works, their fight may go for a couple of chapters more before fans finally see the victor.

Though Granolah is no longer the strongest warrior in the universe, replaced by Gas himself, he is still a formidable foe even without this title. Thanks to Vegeta, he has taught him how to fight a much stronger opponent through power scaling, per NewsD.

Vegeta perfectly knows how to pass the limit Granolah needs to put his enemy down. He needs to undergo intense training and learn about rage to boost his strength.

Despite being strong, Granolah does not know how to wield his power properly. So, if he follows Vegeta's advice, it will give him a big chance to defeat Gas.

Sure, Gas is more powerful than him today, but he, too, is unproperly trained. His being arrogant will also lead him nowhere.

With that said, Granolah has a big chance of victory. "Dragon Ball Super" Chapter 80 is set to be out on Thursday, Jan. 20.