Something unbelievable has happened to Elijah while practicing magic. As no one really knows what occurred, fans are about to learn more about it in "The Beginning after the End" Chapter 128.

Fans could not believe their eyes when they saw what had happened to Elijah. So, does it have something to do with his past that will be revealed in "The Beginning after the End" Chapter 128?

Recent Highlights noted Elijah has been with Arthur for a long time now. He has also become one of his best friends in the academy.

Despite that, though, no one really knows who Elijah is. Sure, he is known as an adventurer from the Kingdom of Darv, but he knows nothing about his past.

Thankfully, he sometimes sees a glimpse of his earlier life, though there are a lot from it that fans do not know. So, what is Elijah's past and origin?

Elijah has an affinity for the earth, so his magic powers come from the earth's magic. However, he can also use metal magic, which means he may have finally tapped into his hidden potential.

So, by the looks of it, "The Beginning after the End" Chapter 128 will reveal the truth about it and the secrets hidden in Elijah's past.

Meanwhile, "The Beginning after the End" is a Tapas Original seasonal comic written by TurtleMe and illustrated by Fuyuki23. It is based on the novel of the same name, per Anime Manga News.

With its success, fans are now waiting for its anime adaptation. So, will it happen?

So far, there are no words yet if there will be "The Beginning after the End" anime, but readers are hoping they will soon see Arthur's story on the small screen.

Currently, they are enjoying its manga version that can be read in English, Korean, Japanese, Thai, Chinese Mandarin and French. It tells the tale of a world ruled by martial powers.

Here, King Grey possesses unequaled strength, money and prestige. However, with this kind of power, they are often in isolation.

Despite being a powerful king, he is a man without purpose and will. So, the monarch was given a second chance in life and brought into a new world full of magic and monsters.

But he still finds it difficult to correct his past sins. Hence, amid the current world peace and prosperity, there is a threat of ruining everything he has worked hard for, questioning his role and purpose to be born again.

"The Beginning after the End" Chapter 128 is set to be out on Friday, Jan. 14.