Asta will be getting the help of the captains in "Black Clover" Chapter 319 in facing Lucifero. The devil has been showing incredible strength that having Asta fighting him alone is not easy.

Lucifero, even in his incomplete manifestation, is already powerful. So, what more if he has manifested completely in "Black Clover" Chapter 319?

Fans have seen how Asta has become helpless with the incredible strength Lucifero possesses. The enemy is proving his title as the king of devils with great might.

His presence alone can put the people down, and the pressure can crash them instantly if he comes closer or turns his focus on them. So, after defeating Lilith and Naamah with his Devil Union mode, Asta tries to use it against Lucifero, too, hoping it will take effect but to no avail.

Lucifero is way stronger than the two devils and belongs to a separate class. How strong is Lucifero?

Recent Highlights noted the "weird-looking" devil might reveal how terrifying Lucifero really is in "Black Clover" Chapter 319. Thankfully, not all Magic Knights are down yet and the most resilient have gotten back to their feet.

Mereleona is now leading the charge despite being the most fearsome, while Captains Jack and Charlotte have joined Asta. These people and more will try their best to help Asta put Lucifero down.

Meanwhile, in "Black Clover" Chapter 318, Lucifero greeted everyone and recognized Asta. He knew the hero was the one who stopped his manifestation, leaving it incomplete, per Epic Dope.

Liebe, alternatively, recognized the devil as the one who killed Licita. He, then, asked Lucifero if he remembered him, which the devil answered with mockery.

He called him a scum-someone who did not even has an ounce of magic. Liebe told Asta they should defeat Lucifero no matter what.

The two, then, joined forces in Devil Union while Nacht warned them about doing something stupid. Asta tried to hit Lucifero with his blade, but the latter just stopped it with his bare hands.

Lucifero bled and turned angrier than usual. He punched Asta that sent him flying through the air. Vanessa realized Rogue's power managed to save them, though only a little.

Captain Yami did not look good and they were starting to be afraid of how things would turn out if Lucifero's threat continued. Asta fell flat on his face while Lucifero remained standing strong.

The devil's hit left him "dazed and injured" and from here, Mereoleona stepped onto the scene. Nozel and Fuegoleon also joined her, along with other captains, like Jack the Ripper.

By the looks of it, a big fight will ensue in "Black Clover" Chapter 319 when it drops on Sunday, Jan. 16.