Kate Middleton is not only the Duchess of Cambridge and the future queen consort to many. She is also a fashion icon who does not lose her commoner roots.

She always makes sure that she has the best foot forward whenever she steps out of the public. But did you know her outfits are not always posh? Yep, Kate knows how to mix her style and use the most affordable pieces that prove she is just like any ordinary woman.

Kate has been known for her incredible style wherever she goes. As many think her wardrobe contains all the high-fashion brands, no, it's not.

Royal expert Daniel Elser praised the mother-of-three for wearing a £7 pair of earrings during her recent outing at the Foundling Museum in London. In her column for New Zealand Herald, as The News noted, she said her choice just proved how normal her upbringing was.

Elser explained that every time Kate chooses to wear accessory earrings, it is a reminder that "she has not lost touch with her commoner roots." Though she is about to become the next Princess of Wales in the future, her fashion choices just show her royal status has not affected her style and choices.

For Elser, it's a "powerful and crafty message." Meanwhile, Kate's visit at the Founding Museum with her husband, Prince William, was the couple's first royal public appearance this year. The duchess has been the patron of this museum since 2019.

Many had noticed the details of Kate's outfit for that day, per Elle. She looked stunning and elegant, wearing a navy coat from Jigsaw, which she had already donned in January 2020.

As expected, this peace had been sold out since then. She paired it with a classic black high-neck jumper, which is still available at Zara shops.

In addition, Kate sported her favorite Jigsaw trousers, which, sadly, had run out of stock, too. The brand has a great alternative, though--an almost identical pair that can be bought online for £130.

Of course, her earrings that quite caused a stir for having a price of only £7.00 come from the high-street brand Accessorize. For fans who want to imitate her fashion, it is now available for a discounted price of £4.90.

Many have been trying to copy Kate's fashion for its classy and elegant look. Fortunately, they don't have to break the bank for it as she does not only wear high-end pieces but also the most economical ones.