Mitsuya has finally agreed to join Takemichi's gang after refusing to accept the fashion competition award. Now that he is about to lead the new gang, playing as the vice-captain in place of Draken, what will be the development that will happen in "Tokyo Revengers" Chapter 240?

Mitsuya is one of the most favorite advisors and delinquents. Now that he is back, what will be the next step he will take in "Tokyo Revengers" Chapter 240?

After fulfilling his promise to Draken, Mitsuya is about to fill the void he left when he died. The new gang is now composed of Chifuyu, Inupi, Hakkai, Mitsuya and Takemichi.

Though they are only five, they are the top faces in the old Tokyo Manji Gang and have a lot of influence over the delinquent world. Recent Highlights noted the only members that it lacks to have are Smiley and his brother, so there is a big chance they will join the new gang, too.

However, knowing that their enemy is Mikey, who has become the biggest delinquent in Tokyo's history, only a few will be braved to go against him. This means fans need to see who will step up to join Takemichi and his group.

Some who are yet to join the new gang are Pah Chin, Smiley, his brother, Angry, and Kazutora. As Kazutora is still in jail for killing Baji, Pah-Chan, Smily, and Angry may soon join Takemichi.

If this happens, the new gang will be a powerhouse in gang wars. So far, the name of the gang is fixed at Thousand Winters, but with Mitsuya around, everything may change in "Tokyo Revengers" Chapter 240.

Meanwhile, in "Tokyo Revengers" Chapter 239, Takemichi, Chifuyu and Hakkai waited the start of Mitsuya's competition, per The News Fetcher. When Mitsuya showed his collection, everyone was in awe to see his designs, with a theme of "Twin Dragons."

The judges praised his work while Takemichi watched with pride. He hoped Draken could see what Mitsuya did for him. Later, Mitsuya won the competition, making Takemichi think that he indeed belonged to the fashion world and not to the crazy world of gangs.

However, when Mitsuya climbed the stage, he was wearing his gang's uniform and showing Draken's tattoo on the side of his head. Mitsuya thanked everyone for his award, but he refused it and finally decided to join Takemichi's gang.

What happens from here can be seen when "Tokyo Revengers" Chapter 240 drops on Tuesday, Feb. 1.