Johnny McDaid and Courteney Cox cannot imagine dating anyone else. They reportedly "adore" each other, and there is no sign of them, "slowing down" with their romance.

The assertions came from a source who spoke with Us Weekly for its February 7 issue. As stated, the two celebrities have a chemistry that is "white-hot," adding that the actress really "adores" her long-time partner.

Despite living on different continents, Cox and McDaid's relationship is said to be "going strong." But, they "appreciate each other more when they are together."

While the insider did not share any proof or evidence to support the claim, it appears that Courteney Cox herself has already proven the matter before the public. She gushed about her relationship with Johnny McDaid in one of her most recent interviews.

Hello! magazine shared that the "Friends" star gave a lot of positive remarks and good words about the Snow Patrol guitarist. She described him as "patient," a "great listener," and a "great advice-giver."

Cox continued that she loves McDaid's "heart," as well as "his intentions" and morals. She, also, praised the artist for being a talented individual, noting that she finds it "really sexy."

To date, Courteney Cox and Johnny McDaid are in a long-distance relationship. While the actress remains in the United States, her former fiance lives in Europe.

Despite living far away from each other, though, the distance does not appear to be a hindrance to their romance. The "Scream" star even previously revealed that their living arrangements work for them, and "everything is better."

Speaking to an engagement in 2019, Cox asserted, however, that what they have is an "expensive relationship." She explained that they would always go back and forth to make it all work.

Cosmopolitan said that the two celebrities met after mutual friend Ed Sheeran introduced them to each other. The public first saw them together at Jennifer Aniston's party in late 2013.

Courteney Cox and Johnny McDaid made their romance official in early 2014. About six months later, they announced their engagement on social media.

But, the pair shocked their fans when they called off their plans to tie the knot. Sources claimed at the time that they separated because they could not compromise where they should live.

Months after the split, Cox and McDaid reunited, and have since remained in a happy relationship. They have yet to be re-engaged but, the actress recently stated that she is open to marriage.