Love has changed Pete Davidson for the worse. He has reportedly become a "total diva" because of his romance with Kim Kardashian.

Insiders spoke with Globe and claimed that the comedian already missed a few days of rehearsals for "Saturday Night Live." He even now has "security for when he is outside the building," unlike co-star Colin Jost, who married an "actual movie star," Scarlett Johansson.

Davidson is allegedly "getting lazy at work, cutting corners and breaking rules." This behavior is said to have already left his colleagues "fuming," with the rest of the cast "starting to turn on him."

The sources continued that Kim Kardashian is the root of it all. The reality star's "love of the limelight is rubbing off," resulting in Pete Davidson becoming a diva.

But, despite missing rehearsals, it is alleged that the show player was still allowed to be in the succeeding Saturday's material. As reported, missing rehearsals prior to the Saturday show will result in missing the actual airing night.

Whatever the case, though, the informants asserted that Davidson is "falling down" on his television gig because he now hangs out with the SKIMS founder.

The supposed insiders did not, however, provide any piece of evidence to support the allegations. Accordingly, it remains unclear whether the story is legitimate.

But, as per the outlet, the executives over at "Saturday Night Live" insisted that Pete Davidson is not receiving any "special treatment." It is, also, stated that the celebrity did not skip rehearsals to hang with Kim Kardashian.

The "King of Staten Island" star has been a regular player at "Saturday Night Live" since 2014 at the age of 20. Inquisitr said that he is "one of the youngest in the history of the show" to become a regular member of the cast.

Although his stint for the comedy material is what "propelled" him to his apparent fame today, Davidson began his journey in the world of comedy four years earlier. He had his small beginning at the age of 16 because of a dare, along with his friends in Staten Island.

The publication said that his pals dared him to perform during a night out in a bowling alley. It, then, became his first stand-up show, which the celebrity confirmed himself in an interview with SFGate.

Meanwhile, Pete Davidson has had a few romantic ties with A-listers in the past. These include Ariana Grande, whom he was briefly engaged to in 2018.

As for his romance with Kim Kardashian, the link seemingly began in late 2021, especially after the reality star made a stint for "Saturday Night Live," where they shared a kiss on screen.