In its latest issue, Globe has referred to Johnny Depp as the "comeback king" as he is to star in a new French movie. It reported that the actor, who lost film roles in Hollywood, will return to the big screens soon.

He is said to play the role of King Louis XV, who had failures in his reign, leading to France's loss of its colonies in America and India in the 18th century. Maiwenn, who hired the actor, will direct the upcoming material and star as Depp's queen.

The news of Johnny Depp starring as the French King first emerged earlier in January. The Hollywood Reporter confirmed that actress and director Maiwann chose to cast the "controversial" actor for her new period drama.

The movie, which has yet to have its official title, will "shoot on location" at the Versailles Palace. The setting will also feature other parts of Paris, with the production to begin this summer.

No further details have come to light regarding the material. The same publication added that the plot was "being kept under wraps."

Nevertheless, it noted that Paris-based Why Not Productions will produce the drama, while Wild Bunch International will handle the worldwide sales.

The upcoming French flick will be the first film Johnny Depp would do since "Minamata" hit the theaters in 2020. Apart from serving as a producer, he, also, played the lead role of Eugene Smith for the movie.

Reports said that the general reception was positive, with some noting that it is the best of Depp's yet. 

The actor recently opened up about his stint for "Minamata," emphasizing how important he felt the role was to history, as well as to fans, according to Express UK. He shared that he realized the "extra responsibility," adding that he did so, "absolutely, without question."

The actor continued that when one is portraying someone who either exists or existed, "no matter who they are," one owes a debt to the said person "to play them responsibly and represent them responsibly."

Reports said that Johnny Depp found himself out of favor in Hollywood, especially among U.S. producers. It all came after his former wife, Amber Heard, accused him of domestic violence.

Following the debacle, which has yet to conclude, Warner Bros. replaced him with Mads Mikkelsen for the role of Grindelwald in the "Fantastic Beasts" franchise. He announced on social media that he was "asked" to resign from his stint.