Kate Middleton is one of the most well-loved British Royals. An expert, also, believes that she has won the approval of the British Royal Family, as well, Prince Charles, in particular.

Judi James told Express UK that the future Queen Consort is "beloved" by the Prince of Wales. He "clearly adores" the Duchess of Cambridge, adding that the latter gets on remarkably well with her in-laws.

The assertions of the body language expert come after Prince William's wife joined the Heir Apparent and the Duchess of Cornwall in their joint appearance at the Trinity Buoy Wharf. In her analysis, the royals showed their "strong bonds" with their "happy and relatively intense" chats during the engagement.

James continued that Kate Middleton, also, "drove her own path" during the recent appearance. She exhibited "confidence" and "competence" in her role as she did her own thing, alongside Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles.

The expert recalled that while the Cornwall Royals led the group with some jokes and pointing, the Duchess of Cambridge "walked and posed away" from the future King and Queen Consort. It was as though to "signify a very separate branch of the firm."

She, later on, noted that the future Consort of Prince William was the one who got into some "detailed and animated conversations" with their audience. Moreover, the royal did it all "without pausing or lurking behind" or even finding cues from the Heir Apparent and his wife.

Judi James had a similar set of analyses about Kate Middleton and Prince Charles in September 2021. It was after the Cambridge Royals joined the Cornwall Royals to meet actor Daniel Craig and other celebrities at the Royal Albert Hall, according to MailOnline.

The body language expert spoke to FEMAIL and claimed that the Duchess of Cambridge stepped into a "more emotionally comforting role" in the life of the Prince of Wales. As noted, it had become apparent due to the red carpet embrace that the two senior royals shared, signaling their "genuine love" for each other, as well.

Cheat Sheet, meanwhile, reported that Prince Charles knew Kate Middleton would become a "good fit" as a royal years before she officially joined the British Royal Family. As stated, the claims came from Christopher Andersen, who wrote about the specific event in his book "William and Kate: A Royal Love Story."

He shared that the Prince of Wales came to like the then-girlfriend of Prince William during one of her visits to Balmoral Castle. The latter reportedly immediately "impressed" the Queen's eldest child with her "unassuming grace."

Moreover, the expert pointed out that the future Consort of the Duke of Cambridge is a "country girl," and it is a "huge advantage" when working on to impress the British Royals.