The marriage of Kate Middleton and Prince William was "hugely significant" among the British Royals and the British public. BBC presenter Anita Rani made the assertions before the viewers of "The Queen: 70 Glorious Years," according to Express UK.

She is one of the public figures and personalities who reflected on Queen Elizabeth II's "extraordinary" seven-decade reign in the documentary. To mark the Platinum Jubilee celebrations, she touched on the Cambridge Royals' union, noting that it has dramatic "significance" to the United Kingdom.

Rani explained that it was the "first time" to happen, referencing the Duchess of Cambridge's non-royal background. She asserted that the marriage marked the first time a successor to the British Throne had tied the knot to a "commoner."

Many would likely argue that Princess Diana's marriage to Prince Charles is the first. But, as Biography noted, the Princess of Wales came from a royal descent.

Unlike Kate Middleton, the then-Diana Spencer, along with the Spencer clan, has links to King Charles II and King James II through illegitimate relationships. In addition, some of her ancestors were Knights of the Garter, Privy Councillors, and First Lord of Admiralty.

One Spencer earned an earldom, as well, making them a "noble family that had been part of English history for centuries.

The late royal's parents were Viscount and Viscountess Althorp when she was born. Her father, later on, became the eighth Earl Spencer when her grandfather died.

As for Camilla Parker-Bowles, who is also deemed "commoner" and tied the knot to Prince Charles in 2005, she comes from royal descent, as well. Thought Co said that her great-grandmother, Alice Frederica Edmonstone Keppel, was a "royal mistress to King Edward VII" from 1898 to 1910.

Meanwhile, Kate Middleton is said to be only related to the British Royal Family through her marriage to Prince William.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge began their love story about a decade before their wedding. Us Weekly recalled that the two personalities met in St. Andrews during their college years and started to date in 2001.

Although Kate Middleton and Prince William faced a few bumps in the mid-2000s, causing their brief split, they reunited and have since maintained their relationship. In 2010, they announced their engagement, which the royal-born Prince revealed to be not surprising for both of them, considering they had already been talking about marriage.

In 2011, they officially tied the knot and became the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.