Camilla Parker Bowles is settling old scores and "meting out revenge" with rival royals. This reportedly especially applies to Kate Middleton, with sources claiming that the former has already made the latter cry on two separate occasions in the last two weeks.

Globe released the report for its February 28 issue. As alleged, the Duchess of Cambridge is facing the "brunt" of her stepmother-in-law's wrath after Queen Elizabeth II made it known that the Duchess of Cornwall will become Queen Consort in the future.

Palace courtiers told the outlet that Prince Charles' wife "tore" into her stepdaughter-in-law "for not curtsying deep enough. She even "forbade" Prince William's wife from "sitting in her presence without her permission."

While it was shocking, the worst was reportedly yet to come at the time. Camilla Parker Bowles allegedly pressured Prince Charles to force Queen Elizabeth II to announce their move to Buckingham Palace.

The insiders stated that this made Kate Middleton weep as she and Prince William have "many fond memories" in their apartment at the palace. She feels as if "they have been banished," adding that "she hates the uncertainty" of their family's new living arrangements.

Amid all the assertions, though, no evidence has come to light to verify the story. The said "palace courtiers" did not provide any proof to corroborate the allegations.

This, then, makes the whole narrative questionable and groundless. Unless the involved British Royals speak of the matter and confirm the claims themselves, this will remain a mere rumor.

It is, also, worth noting that things appear well between Camilla Parker Bowles and Kate Midleton these past few weeks. The latter even recently joined the former, alongside Prince Charles, on a visit to London.

Cheat Sheet reported that the Duchess of Cambridge seemingly showed her support to the Duchess of Cornwall becoming the next Queen Consort during the outing. This came after Prince William's wife re-wore a coat dress for the engagement, and the choice of clothing likely has a special meaning.

As explained, the young Duchess first wore her gray Catherine Walker piece when she joined Queen Elizabeth II for an appearance in 2019. Accordingly, wearing it again for an engagement with the future Queen Consort could reportedly be a subtle way to show her approval and support.

Prior to the Queen's announcement regarding Camilla Parker Bowles' future royal title, The List said that Kate Middleton shares a close relationship with her stepmother-in-law. Although there were allegedly some "hard feelings" at first, the Duchess of Cornwall "brushed [them] aside" to help the Duchess of Cambridge settle into the royal life.