Prince William is now ready to speak his mind about "Spencer." He has already had enough of the "tacky, factually incorrect" portrayals of the British Royal Family. 

These are the latest claims from sources who recently spoke to OK! magazine for its February 28 issue. As noted, the future King of the United Kingdom "wants to put an end to his family being used as film fodder."

The insiders added that the Duke of Cambridge plans to meet some of the "most powerful movers and shakers" in Hollywood and make his case. This is said to be taking place when he and his wife fly to the United States for the second Earthshot Prize awards, adding that Kate Middleton is supporting her husband's move.

The same informants continued that "Spencer," which is a new Princess Diana biopic, was "like rubbing salt in old wounds." The Duchess of Cambridge knows this, and "it pains her to see [Prince] William so agitated."

It allegedly "grieves" the Duke of Cambridge as many people talk about his mother on an intimate level despite not knowing her in person. It is as if these individuals knew the late Princess of Wales, as well as the way she was thinking and feeling.

Meanwhile, the royal-born Prince is claimed to be not holding anything against Kristen Stewart, who portrayed Princess Diana in "Spencer." However, it did not make him happy to see the actress's promotions toward the film.

There is a possibility that Prince William and Kate Middleton will go to the United States this fall. As it happens, the venue for the second Earthshot Prize awards will, indeed, be in the said country.

But, this does not prove the narrative about the royal-born Prince meeting some individuals in Hollywood to speak his mind. The informants did not share any evidence to prove the story.

It is, also, unclear whether the British Royal Family, especially the Wales princes, is unhappy about "Spencer." They have yet to break their silence about the matter, thus, making the allegations speculative and suppositional.

Nevertheless, there were assertions from royal experts, stating that Prince William and Prince Harry would be "angry and hurt" about how "Spencer" portrays their late mother. Cheat Sheet noted that many already slammed the material as "inaccurate," but even so, the royals would not appreciate the movie.

Ingrid Seward told The Sun US that the depiction of the Princess of Wales in the film is "cruel," adding that it is "totally unnecessary."

Biographer Penny Junor echoed the statements of the expert, noting that the portrayal was "unnecessarily gratuitous." She added that "Spencer will especially be bothersome to the Duke of Cambridge."