The most recent Zoom version includes a plethora of security improvements to avoid Zoom bombing and a higher level of encryption. Despite this, the popular video conferencing app is not encrypted end-to-end.

If you pay for Zoom, though, you may expect end-to-end encryption in the near future. Those who use the app for free, however, will have to deal with standard services.

End-to-end encryption is the gold standard of encryption because no one, even Zoom, has access to your data. So, if you want your chats or meetings to be completely confidential, this is the level of protection you'd desire.

That being said, here are four super-secure video conferencing apps that aren't Zoom.


It's understandable if you've never heard of Signal, but its users adore it for offering a sense of security in this day of data leaks and phishing scams.

However, there is one limitation to this app: you may only call one person at a time; group calls are not supported. However, there are some new features in the works, so now could be a good time to give it a shot.


Many business employees don't use Facebook-owned WhatsApp for video conferencing, which is ironic given that it's a widely used program on many phones. But take note of this: WhatsApp allows up to eight people to communicate using end-to-end encrypted transmission.

If you go over that limit, you'll be redirected to Facebook's Messenger Rooms, which aren't end-to-end encrypted. Keep your numbers as low as possible.

Google Duo

End-to-end encrypted calls are so common in Google Duo that you'll get a notification when you dial into your session. The program can't handle as many people as Zoom can, but 12 people on a group call is already a crowd, so it's a viable Zoom substitute.


FaceTime is well-known among iOS users. Apple's video chat software is both secure and simple to use, and it is available on all of your Apple devices. Zoom has grown in popularity since the outbreak, but many Apple users continue to use it because it is already end-to-end encrypted.

FaceTime is only available to Apple users, so if you want to call any of your Android buddies, you'll have to use another app.

And yet, despite all the backlash Zoom has faced, the program has undeniably helped a lot of people and businesses conduct communications throughout the pandemic. If you want to be more discreet, though, know that there are other options for you.