G-Dragon attended the Monte-Carlo Chanel Cruise Collection as the only male brand ambassador at the event. As the Big Bang member caught everyone's attention with his incredible fashion, fans noticed how he drastically lost weight.

G-Dragon looked thinner than before, making fans worried for his health. Sure, he still looked glamorous, but it couldn't be denied that he also appeared rather frail.

AllKpop noted that the K-pop idol donned a light blue knitted cardigan from Chanel at the time, paired with accessories from his own brand Peaceminusone. His photos were then released public and many noticed how his body looked thinner than before.

In the online community channel where his snaps were shared, netizens talked about how skinny he had become. Some even wondered if he had always been that thin, while others hoped he would gain some weight and be healthy again.

"He looks like a Japanese ahjuhmah," one said. Despite his physical appearance, they couldn't help but commend his outfit.

Some even said his ensemble went well with the surroundings, meaning he still dressed well. Anyhow, there were assumptions that it might only be the angle that made him look so thin.

This is not the first time fans got shocked by G-Dragon's weight loss. Back in 2017, when former Big Bang member Seungri posted a photo of them together, many noticed his face looked thinner than ever, per Koreaboo.

Even the fans who watched his M.O.T.T.E concert in Taipei couldn't help but notice his dramatic weight loss. When he took off his shirt for one of his performances, his ribs were already protruding from his chest.

Though G-Dragon was never known as a chubby guy, it was the skinniest that he was ever seen. So, as he was holding back-to-back solo concerts at the time, fans believed it already took its toll on his health.

Meanwhile, G-Dragon is riding the success of Big Bang's return. He was the only male brand ambassador at Chanel's Cruise collection, surrounded by female ambassadors like Kristen Stewart and Tilda Swinton.

But among the many accessories she donned, fashion junkies noticed he was also wearing scrunchies. In fact, he has been doing so as of late.

Scrunchies are known to be of women's fashion. Now, there is a new trend that even men are wearing one, thanks to G-Dragon, who is still sporting his iconic rainbow hair.

He was first photographed donning the silk Chanel scrunchie at the Incheon International Airport when he left Seoul on May 3. G-Dragon was then again seen wearing it on the show, along with a plethora of bracelets and rings.