Fans are about to see the anime adaptation of the "Seven Deadly Sins" sequel, "Seven Deadly Sins: Four Knights of the Apocalypse." A year after the original anime ended, the series is about to introduce Percival, the sequel's new hero.

The announcement comes from the recent Amazon list for this year's 24th issue of Kodansha's Weekly Shonen Magazine. It features a cover image that shows the coming of the new "Seven Deadly Sins" sequel.

SportsKeeda noted the sequel would pick up 16 years after the end of the main series. Just like the original manga, this one is written by Nakaba Suzuki himself.

Sure, the series has been criticized for its later part of the story, but it can't be denied that it's one of the most popular franchises of the new generation. Its original manga and anime were praised, though it started going down the hill after the anime showed "sub-par animation."

So, it looks like the "Seven Deadly Sins" sequel will try to redeem the franchise. "Four Knights of the Apocalypse" is well-received by the critics and fans in its first and a half year of release.

The series follows the story of Percival, who lives on a remote island above the clouds called God's Finger with his grandfather. Sure, he enjoys his simple life, but he longs for a good adventure.

An intruder, who happens to be his father Ironside, comes and ruins everything away. Ironside reveals the prophecy about the Four Knights of the Apocalypse that was recently made in Camelot.

The Four Knights are said to lead King Arthur of Camelot to his doom once they have awakened. It's later revealed that Percival and his grandfather are suspected to be two of the Four Knights.

From here, Percival is about to begin a new adventure to learn about his descent into Britannia. So, to give fans a complete look at Percival, the series drops a new image for "Seven Deadly Sins" sequel, per Comicbook.

The poster shows the young boy in his full glory. The kid has similar features to Meliodas, like their facial features and height.

Though they have the same short stature, it doesn't mean they're weak. In fact, they both possess incredible strength.

The image also highlights his lime-green hair. He also wears a cape, as expected.

The poster also features Meliodas at his back. There are no words yet on when the "Seven Deadly Sins" sequel will be out, though many expect it to premiere in 2023.