Fans will finally see the continuation of Shoto and Dabi's fight this week in "My Hero Academia" Chapter 352. After the two-week break, viewers will see who will win in this battle.

"My Hero Academia" Chapter 352 spoilers and raw scans are now released and it hints at the major character development of Shoto. Can he beat and become stronger than his brother this time?

Warning: The following content is full of spoilers. Read at your own risk.

SportsKeeda noted the new chapter would begin with a flashback, showing the night before the war. Shoto is practicing his special move that makes his chest light up in a cross, which Kaminari describes as a cold fire.

Shoto reveals this technique focuses on his heart to circulate the blood evenly. Shoto can create a fire that doesn't burn everything when he applies the properties of Flashfire on both sides of his body.

Midoriya asks Shoto if he really wants to fight his brother, to which he says Dabi is the reflection of the Todoroki family's sins. Shoto believes he's the one to stop him.

Shoto knows his father wants a perfect son who can use ice to support his fire, but he's doing the opposite. He thanks Izuki and tells him he now understands his power in "My Hero Academia" Chapter 352.

The scene then returns to the present. Shotos uses Freezing Blow: White Blade of Frosty Fire to cool down Dabi, making the latter realize his brother can withstand his flames and neutralize it with his attack.

However, Shoto is too far gone, losing his focus and unable to make his Phosphor work this time. Flames start to emerge from the ground.

Dabi tells Shoto that the two of them are the extremes of the Superhuman society who are destined to follow the same path. They both get engulfed in flames, while Burnin' reminds Shoto they believe in what he stands for.

Shoto inches closer to Dabi to remind him he can still change and convince him to stop. He unleashes a new technique, the Great Frozen Tidal Bore, and freezes almost the entire landscape.

The last panel shows the two as children and then returns to the present to show them motionless, standing frozen on the ground.

After leaving fans hanging for two weeks, "My Hero Academia" Chapter 352 will finally be out on Sunday, May 15, per EpicDope. After Kohei Horikoshi took a creative break, followed by Shueisha's Golden Week publication breaks, viewers will finally get the answers they have been waiting for.