Garou's monsterification continues, making him even stronger and bigger. Will he now have the chance to match Saitama's power and strength in "One Punch Man" Chapter 164?

Garou has received an incredible boost in speed and power. He is now much bigger and even got wings on his back, so what development fans are about to see in their fight in "One Punch Man" Chapter 164?

Recent Highlights noted that Garou's transformation is still not enough to match Saitama's ability. He, too, may have a hard time catching up to the strongest man on Earth.

Saitama has transcended everything, and no one is equal to his strength. So, can Garou try to outmatch him?

It has been known that Garou has always wanted to be a villain. He has no plans to be a hero, knowing he wants to be an absolute evil to reshape the world.

Despite that, he is still helping heroes and people in the fight against the monsters. With this move, Saitama even offers him join his side and become a hero instead.

However, Garou is already determined to become a monster. Now that he finds someone much stronger than him, what will he do next in "One Punch Man" Chapter 164?

By the looks of it, Garou will not stop until he defeats Saitama-however impossible. So, what will happen to these two?

Saitama is taking things slowly against Garou. Though he takes all he punches, he remains standing on his ground.

He is not taking any damage and even teasing Garou in their fight. It looks like he is trying to bring the good in him, aiming to turn him into a hero that will end their unnecessary brawl.

The hero association may find a way to stop his monsterficiation process and return him to normal.

Meanwhile, in "One Punch Man" Chapter 163, Saitama got tired of his fight against Garou, per The Anime Daily. So, he asked the aspiring villain why he wanted to become evil after fighting the Sage Centipede and saving the civilians.

However, this only turned Garou mad. He felt the rage that ultimately transformed his body into a monstrous size.

He then used the God Slayer Instant Attack on Saitama but to no avail. Garou made another attack, the God Slayer's Ending attack, and underwent another transformation.

He was already in the Awakened form of his body and the chapter ended with Saitama saying Garou was a hero. What happens from here can be seen when "One Punch Man" Chapter 164 drops probably this week.