"Mob Psycho 100" Season 3 finally has a release date. The franchise's Twitter page released the official trailer for the new season, making fans more excited for Shigeo "Mob" Kageyama's return.

Considered one of the best Shonen anime, many have been waiting for the release of "Mob Psycho 100" Season 3. After the long wait, what can the world with espers offer this time?

It has been more than three years since the series' second season ended. Finally, Studio BONES gave hope to fans that Mob's story would continue on the small screen after it announced the coming of the third season in October 2021.

It dropped a series of clips from the previous seasons, along with the major characters who played the most pivotal roles. However, the first trailer still lacked the key details fans wanted to know, like the release date.

Thankfully, on May 12, the studio dropped the new season's official preview. It remains to be seen how many episodes this new season will feature, though many believe it will be 12 to 13 episodes, just like the first two seasons, SportsKeeda noted.

So, what will happen in "Mob Psycho 100" Season 3? The previous season finale featured the much-awaited fight between Mob and Toichiro.

Toirchiro broke his limit and made himself a live bomb that could wipe out the entire city, but Mob managed to redirect the chaos and saved everyone. The villain admitted his crimes to make amends for his mistakes.

He surrendered and was taken into custody. He also apologized to Sho and the season officially ended with the emergence of the Divine Tree, growing out of the broccoli seed that Mob carried in his pocket.

As the anime is known for being faithful to its source material, the third season is expected to adapt the remaining four volumes of the manga. Divine Tree Arc is probably the next story fans are about to see, followed by Telepathy Mini-Arc, ???% Arc and the epilogue that will close the series.

"Mob Psycho 100" manga started to serialize in the Ura Sunday magazine in 2012, per Anime Corner. It officially ended in 2017 with 101 chapters, compiled into 16 volumes.

Dark Horse described its official synopsis by introducing Reigen as an exorcist who works cheaply. However, there's a secret behind the low prices of his ability to bust ghosts. One, he's a fraud and two, he pays the guy who got the real psychic power-Shigeo, his student assistant.

Shigeo is a kind boy who has an urge to help others and get along with people. However, Reigen exploits his abilities to stay in business.

Despite that, he's still his mentor and counselor and he knows when his emotions reach level 100 that, Shigeo will unleash more psychic energy than they can handle. "Mob Psycho 100" Season 3 is set to be out in October.