More details about the LE SSERAFIM member Kim Garam's school bullying controversy are coming out online. Amid all these, Source Music announced the cancellation of the group's appearance on KBS2's "Music Bank" and video sign event on WeVerse on Friday, May 20.

A legal representative, Daeryun, of A, an alleged former school bullying victim, released a lengthy statement to prove their claims against Kim Garam on Thursday, May 19. So, as a response, Source Music and HYBE also released an official statement to address the issue surrounding the LE SSERAFIM member.

From there, it notified fans of the cancellation of the girls' activities, AllKpop noted. The music label apologized to everyone who waited for the events to have a glimpse of the group.

I also said sorry to those who were selected to attend the show's pre-recording. Alternatively, it revealed the canceled video fan sign event would be rescheduled at a later date and would once again publish a notification when it would happen.

It then promised to release a formal position on all the accusations against Kim Garam when it confirmed all the details needed.

Meanwhile, HYBE released a new official statement to respond to the latest claims A's legal representative presented, per Soompi. The alleged victim's side shared that the "Notice of School Violence Committee Results" revealed on online communities were true.

It also stressed Kim Garam's school violence really happened. A then demanded a sincere apology from HYBE and warned to unveil more evidence if the company did not heed their request.

So, to answer A's demand, HYBE and Source Music said in a joint statement that they found it unfortunate that Daeryun only took one-sided measures to release information to different media outlets, considering the up-and-coming idol had to do with many minors.

They then revealed they would organize their stance and announce it as soon as possible. So, it asked the journalists to stop making reports based on only one side's argument.

It then stressed that the controversy began when false claims were made against a group member when she was about to make her debut. It found the spread of this negative news malicious, so it planned to take legal action.

The companies also explained that it intentionally did not reveal any official statement because the bullying incident that happened during her first year of middle school involved friends of her age. Knowing they were all underage, they wanted to make a careful approach with caution.

But as the 2018 situation was only being told by one side, they planned to announce their "clearly organized position" when they finished examining Daeryun's claims.

Since Kim Garam was announced to be part of the new K-pop group LE SSERAFIM, she was quickly thrown with a lot of school violence rumors that Source Music vehemently denied.