"My Hero Academia" Chapter 357 will continue the fight against All For One as the antagonist proves himself a formidable foe. As Kohei Horikoshi is building up the character of Endeavor, will he be the one to put the villain down as the latter tries to repair his mask?

The manga has finally revealed the origin of Endeavor, revealing his drive and motivation. After seeing what changes his attitude, will fans know more about him in "My Hero Academia" Chapter 357?

Endeavor may have healed his wounds, but he remains weak, SportsKeeda noted. Tokoyami reveals Hawks doesn't have the power to officially break through AFO's defenses, while Jirou is also severely wounded.

So if AFO manages to overcome the damage that Endeavor brought him, Tokoyami and the Flame Hero himself will face his wrath. However, it looks like it's quite impossible for AFO to put his mask back together for the second time, so this may mean the fight will favor the heroes in "My Hero Academia" Chapter 357.

Meanwhile, in "My Hero Academia" Chapter 356, Hawks partially cracked AFO's mask while Earphone Jack jumped off Tsukuyomi and Dark Shadow.

He told them to start their attack or they would catch her later, per Anime News and Facts. Tsukuyomi later realized Hawks wasn't strong enough to finish the battle, so he unleashed his Black Abyss Ragnarök Fleeting Blow.

It created a huge fight that smashed AFO's mask and destroyed it. He then caught Earphone Jack while Hawks mocked AFO for accusing them they were only buying some time.

AFO started to struggle from there as his senses began to lag. He had made up a number of sensory Quirks after losing his eyes and ears to detect vibrations and Infrared sensors.

This made him ahead of an ordinary human. This meant Earphone Jack's Quirk was also not strong enough to "hinder his perception," meaning his Quirks were only rebelling.

AFO realized that after switching to a copy of his Quirk, he had become more susceptible, while his authority had incredibly weakened. With that said, Hawks wanted to use this opportunity to finish AFO for good with his katana slice.

However, AFO suddenly retaliated by absorbing the vestiges into himself. He then unleashed Rivet Stabs with him at the center.

Hawks tried to protect Tsukuyomi and Earphone Jack from sustaining most of the damages, while AFO used the Rivets to get his mask and repair it. Would he manage to get his mask together once again? Find out when "My Hero Academia" Chapter 357 drops on Sunday, June 26.