V Jump magazine announced the coming of a new "Dragon Ball Super" series, so will it be "Dragon Ball Super" Season 2? The said project is now in the works, though there are no words yet on what it will be about.

Since the end of the anime's Tournament of Power arc, fans have been waiting if the series will continue with "Dragon Ball Super" Season 2. So, will it be the continuation of the much-loved anime?

Akira Toriyama is continuously working on the manga version of the series, SportsKeeda noted. With that said, many are expecting the newly-announced project will be the retelling of Goku and the gang's continued adventures.

The announcement comes from V Jump's interview with the franchise's Room Head Akio Iyoku after he was asked about the future of the series after the release of the upcoming movie "Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero."

He then revealed the importance of the franchise to the world and added the new film was made with the "entire fan base in mind." So, when they are done working on this project, a new one will come and many believe it is "Dragon Ball Super" Season 2.

In fact, he said, "a new entry on the series is already in the making," per Coming Soon. As it took them five years to make "Super Hero," he found it quite reasonable that they were already working on what would come next.

He even revealed that Toriyama had been continuously working on a new "Dragon Ball" concept and ideas. "We're thinking about what we want to show the world next," he added.

Ikuyo gave a vague statement about the next series. So, there are theories that this project may either be a new show or a movie.

Many like to believe it will be a new anime series following the manga's events. Since the anime ended, the manga has featured two arcs that can be adapted in the series' new iteration.

The first one is the Galactic Patrol Prisoner Saga, which tells the story of Moro, the planet destroyer who consumes galaxies to sustain his body. The second one is the Granolah the Survivor arc, which the manga currently features.

This arc tells the story of Bardock and the meaning of the Saiyan Pride. Fans can also see the perfect Ultra Instinct and Vegeta's new form, the Ultra Ego, here. Whatever the case is, fans hope the new project will be "Dragon Ball Super" Season 2.