Dara surprised everyone when she showed how small an eater she was in a post on Instagram. She shared a photo of a piece of rice cake, which she would still share with her mom for their dinner.

Dara revealed that just like her, her mother was a small eater, too. So, it is no surprise that she can maintain her slim figure effortlessly.

In the post, via AllKpop, the 37-year-old idol revealed she gave her mom some rice cake she got from a first-birthday party. Her mom then told her she didn't need to cook dinner that night as they could already share that food for supper.

She then said they shared a small amount of rice cake for their evening meal. Seeing the size of the food, netizens couldn't help but be impressed by how the K-pop star maintained her thin figure.

Her perfect figure could evidently be seen in her new snaps for the American fashion house Calvin Klein. Dara became the new model for the latest Calvin Klein x Palace collaboration collection, CK1 Palace.

She was seen wearing the brand's signature underwear set and Palace's loose jeans. In a post, she revealed how she prepared her "11-line abs" for the shoot, per Cosmo PH.

She said she did one hour of cardio on an empty stomach in the morning, hired a personal trainer, did home training, followed a diet and did 400 sit-ups before bed. So, what's her diet?

Ahead of her Coachella performance with fellow 2NE1 members Park Bom, CL and Minzy, she revealed her hardcore diet plan was composed of sweet potatoes, bananas and eggs, Koreaboo cited. She also had strips of chicken breast for protein.

However, her diet is not recommended for everyone and is not encouraged to be followed for long periods of time. Meanwhile, in an interview with tvN's variety program "Wednesday Food Talk," via IBTimes, Dara revealed how she ate during her early years in YG Entertainment.

She commended the company's food in the cafeteria for being good, eating her breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner there. However, the menu started to change after some complaints that the meals were too salty or spicy.

The café started to serve healthier food alternatives. Though she didn't reveal if she stopped eating there, she said the taste wasn't like before but still good. Thinking that she could get in trouble for making the revelation, Dara explained that YG was only looking after its employees' health.