Fans still have a lot of questions that need some answers before the Funato War arc ends in "Boruto" Episode 255. After solving the conflict between Funato and Kirigakure, what will happen to Ikada and his clan?

"Boruto" Episode 255 is expected to close some loose ends to end the Funato War arc. By the looks of it, it will mostly center on Ikada and his family.

In the new episode preview, it hints at the fate of Ikada. Team 7 will return to their home after completing the mission in the hidden Mist.

Naruto will talk to his sons about what will happen to everyone who has joined the war; it looks like things will not be good for them. Things don't look good for Ikada either after looking distressed and hearing the news about his father.

He plans to change Chojuro's mind to help Ikada avoid having a terrible fate. This will irate Kawaki, resulting in a fight with his brother.

Kawaki has been continuously arguing with his sibling for most of this arc. He's not a keen follower of the peaceful approach Team 7 is following in the war.

SportsKeeda noted nothing is much known about the episode except that it will end the Funato War arc. The next episode will feature a new set of topics, so fans have to wait and see what will happen to Ikada and what will be the problem between the Uzumaki siblings in "Boruto" Episode 255.

Meanwhile, "Boruto" Episode 254, titled "The Spiral of Revenge," showed Boruto's decision to sacrifice his life to stop the war between the Land of Water and the Pirates, per OtakuKart News. Boruto failed to convince Ikada, deciding to give up his life to end the fight.

Ikada prepared for Boruto's death by drowning himself in the sea. The latter got on the platform and Ikada ordered Kobuna to push him so that he could finally avenge his father's death.

However, Boruto apologized to him and jumped off the platform, so Kabuna wouldn't feel guilty. As Boruto fell, Ikada asked Sarada and Mitsuki to avenge the former's death.

However, Ikada jumped into the water to save Boruto after seeing the effect of Boruto's affection toward his friends. Boruto tightly hugged Sarada and Mitsuki when he returned and talked to other pirates about peace and the nation's future.

He promised that everything would change one day and everyone should carry Kagura's wish. What happens next can be seen when "Boruto" Episode 255 drops on Sunday, June 26.