"My Hero Academia" Chapter 357 raw scans have dropped, giving a glimpse of Deku, Bakugo, Todoroki and other heroes' adult forms. As this comes from Endeavor's imagined vision of the future, will something happen to the No. 1 Pro Hero?

Endeavor's vision seems to show how Kohei Horikoshi foresees the Origin trio's future. However, it looks like it spells danger for the Flame Hero as he continues to battle All For One in "My Hero Academia" Chapter 357.

Warning: The following content is full of spoilers. Read at your own risk.

SportsKeeda noted the panel that shows the future may have come from Endeavor's imagination during his inner monologue. The rough translations say he's hoping that at least "one of his children will become the hero he wanted to be" and then the panel focuses on his youngest son, Shoto.

From there, the backs of the future Pro Heroes, Uravity, Froppy, Deku, Ingenium, Creati, Dynamight and Red Riot, are shown, walking toward the light. However, only Deku and Bakugo look back at Shoto as they wait for him to catch up.

The future Shoto looks taller and broader. His hair is much shorter, though his costume stays the same. He now has bigger canisters and a temperature controller.

Bakugo's costume remains the same, though his grenade launcher looks like that of the Second OFA User in "My Hero Academia" Chapter 357. He also has two short braids that appear like a bomb fuse.

In addition, Deku also looks the same, only that he has a cape like that of Nana Shimura and Gran Torino. Kirishima dons a long sporting jacket and a mask, while Creati and Ingenium remain the same.

This insight seems to hint at the end of Endeavor's hero career, if not his life. It appears to be his wish for the future and his hopes for his son. Whatever the case is, it also seems to show what Horikoshi wants for the future of the manga and its characters.

Meanwhile, in "My Hero Academia" Chapter 356, AFO set rhetorical traps that inevitably led to Endeavor's demise, per EpicDope. However, the Hawks could help avoid Endeavor from sustaining a more serious injury through Jiro and Tokoyami, who AFO named the Extras.

A part of AFO's mask had been removed, thanks to Jiro and Tokoyami, during the fight in the previous battle. They also managed to do all of this without the help of the legendary hero.

So, what will happen next? Find out when "My Hero Academia" Chapter 357 drops on Sunday, June 26.