All eyes are now on "Berserk" Chapter 367 after the late Kentaro Miura's lifelong friend and colleague Kouji Mori gave life to the series, along with the original mangaka's Studio Gaga assistants and protégés. Griffith, Gus and Casca are back, raising a lot of questions and putting Elfhelm in danger after showing new developments.

After almost a year of hiatus, the manga dropped a double issue, Chapters 365 and 366. Mori and others continued the series' story perfectly, but the new changes seemed to pose questions about Elfhelm's safety in "Berserk" Chapter 367.

The Moonlight Boy was revealed as Griffith on Elfhelm. This seemed to put Elfhelm in danger, showing how detached the place is from the rest of the world.

The manga left fans confused after the release of Chapter 364, with many believing it was the end of the series following Casca, Guts and Griffith's reunion. However, it looked like the double chapter brought even more confusion with the huge difference between Moonlight Boy and Griffith.

SportsKeeda noted the latter's presence was only felt on Elfhelm after the transformation. Nosferatu Zodd's appearance also posed questions about the safety and secrecy of Elfhelm.

Through Puck's point of view, fans learned Zodd went to Elfhelm and descended to where exactly Griffith was, though no one knew how he did it. The Moonlight Boy, alternatively, showed his ability to find the location of Guts' party through the recent arcs.

There are theories Zodd learned of Griffith's location when he left his Moonlight Boy form. So, will "Berserk" Chapter 367 confirm it?

Whatever the case, it just shows the vulnerability of Elfhelm and Guts' party when it comes to safety. Now that Griffith and Zodd know how to access Elfhelm, the Band of the White Falcon can freely attack the island.

Meanwhile, the world of manga mourned the untimely passing of Miura last year, losing one of its most talented artists and storytellers of the modern era. Though fans celebrated the late mangaka's manga's return with the people of Studio Gaga and Mori's guidance, they couldn't help but be skeptical of what they had to offer.

They were worried that they couldn't replicate Miura's genius. However, with the release of Chapters 365 and 366, they saw that his masterpiece was in good hands, per Screenrant.

So, the manga would continue with "Berserk" Chapter 367, which will be out on Friday, July 8, on Young Animal Issue No. 14.