Fans are now waiting for the release of "Black Clover" Chapter 332 after Yuki Tabata takes a hiatus. The manga is on a break for three months and when it returns, the end is about to begin.

After the conclusion of the Spade Kingdom Raid arc, Tabata decided to go on a break before he started working on the series' final saga. When he returns, what can fans expect from "Black Clover" Chapter 332?

SportsKeeda noted the next installment would be the manga's final arc after the previous chapter dropped the biggest twist in the series. The Wizard King Julius Novachrono himself came out to be the fourth Zogratis brother, Lucius.

Hence, he's the series' main villain, being also the host of Astaroth, the Time Devil. With that said, the result of this revelation is expected to be huge.

How will Asta and the rest of the gang face Lucius, knowing he's the 28th Magic Emperor of the Clover Kingdom's Magic Knights? Can they easily deal with him or will they have the hardest time battling him?

With this new revelation, "Black Clover" Chapter 332 is definitely a must-see. The final arc will mainly focus on Asta and Yuno as they fight together against the upper devils who can't manifest themselves in the human world.

Meanwhile, in "Black Clover" Chapter 331, Damnatio went to Julius' office, per Anime News and Facts. Julius ended the transmission between them and felt relieved that the battle was over after receiving Marx's raid report.

However, he remained troubled by the uneasy feeling following the demon's attack. Damnatio started his own investigation into the devils after Secre and Asta's trial.

He found out in the documents that Megicula wasn't part of the Tree of Qliphoth two decades ago and the Underworld had three rulers: Lucifero of Gravity Magic, Beelzebub of Spatial Magic and Astaroth of Time Magic.

Damnatio suspected that Megicula replaced Astaroth when the latter mysteriously disappeared from the Underworld. His suspicion grew, knowing there was only one Time Magic user-Julius.

Julius thought the same and begged Damnatio to stop him. However, Julius had already transformed into his adult form and his grimoire regained numerous pages before he could finish his thought and Damnatio could use his Scale Magic.

He tapped a finger to Damnatio's head and the latter collapsed to the floor. Julius' grimoire then changed into a spade grimoire with a cover.

Adrammelech then appeared and said everything went according to Lucius' prediction. Lucius then turned around and told the devil the time had come.

"Black Clover" Chapter 332 is expected to be out in August.