The controversial YouTube channel Sojang has once again made a huge revelation and it's about BTS's RM this time. Allegedly, the rapper will soon get married and the alleged bride has spread the news.

Sojang has been known for making huge exposes about celebrities. In fact, it's the same account that revealed Seo Taiji is already married, so can it prove the same about RM's alleged upcoming marriage?

Many doubted the claims about Seo Taiji's marriage, but it was later proven true. The account also made another celebrity marriage rumor that later came out real.

With that said, Sojang claimed the marriage rumor surrounding RM is true as well because of the accuracy it has shown in the past. In a community post, via AllKpop, a netizen revealed an acquaintance had a friend who claimed she would be getting married to the singer-songwriter.

The post also included a screenshot photo of the two's Kakaotalk conversation. The woman told her friend she was getting married to RM in the talk.

Allegedly, the woman is said to be a BTS fan and has met RM at a fan meeting. She, too, reportedly comes from a wealthy family and has graduated from an Ivy League university.

Though many are skeptical about the claim's truthfulness, some seem to be torn knowing Sojang confirmed Seo Taiji's marriage to Lee Ji Ah. However, fans have mixed feelings about it, especially because Sojan is also known for reporting fake news and spreading dating gossip without evidence.

This is not the first time that RM has been rumored to be married. Back in February 2021, Distractify unearthed the reports that the BTS member had tied the knot with his girlfriend secretly at the beginning of 2020 and already had a child.

Though RM remained mum about it, The Things claimed he was either engaged or married after being spotted wearing a ring on his left finger. In Korean culture, wearing a ring isn't always mean that one is already married.

It can also signify that the wearer has been in a relationship for a long time, making them have a couple's ring. But, PopSugar UK revealed the group leader had already brushed off the questions about his love life in an interview.

RM said he had many fans and didn't need to be in a relationship. However, he was earlier spotted with the K-pop singer Hwasa, though a romance between the two was never confirmed.