With the release of more information about the Hyundai Ioniq 6 Electric Streamline, a longer range is among the upgrades anticipated. 

The new model is a successor to the Ioniq 5 introduced this year, and is part of Hyundai's three-part electric car plan announced in 2020.

Like the 5, the 6 is based on an electric concept car from the Korean carmaker.

The South Korean manufacturer promises that its future electric vehicle would be "among the market's most energy-efficient EVs." 

If it's anything like its younger sibling, the Ioniq 6 may even exceed Hyundai's range estimates, like the current Ioniq did.

During testing, the EPA determined that the most fuel-efficient version of the Ioniq 5 had an average range of 303 miles, as opposed to the 300-mile range predicted by Hyundai. 

When the vehicle was connected to a 350 kW rapid charger, this extensive range could be supplied rather quickly. The Ioniq 5 is capable of recharging 70 percent of its batteries in less than 20 minutes, and if you're in a hurry, a five-minute charge will provide more than 60 miles of range. 

The Ioniq 5 came with additional bonuses, including two years of free 30-minute charging sessions. 

It is uncertain whether the 6 will offer a comparable incentive, but the vehicle's specifications may be enough to entice electric vehicle enthusiasts.

In 2020, Hyundai reintroduced its Ioniq lineup as a separate electric vehicle brand. The company's Executive Vice President and Global Chief Marketing Officer at the time, Wonhong Cho, stated that "The Ioniq brand will transform the EV customer experience paradigm." 

The Ioniq 6 was originally scheduled to debut earlier this year, but the release date was pushed back.

Range and comfort are essential to the Ioniq 6's promises from Hyundai. The carmaker claims that the vehicle's aerodynamics and 77.6 kW battery provide a range of more than 379 miles on a single charge.

While not quite on pace with Tesla and Lucid's greatest work, it comes disturbingly close for a vehicle that will presumably be offered at a significantly lower price. 

The anticipated power consumption is 14 kWh/62 miles, making the 6 one of the most efficient EVs on the market.

Hyundai promises that the Ioniq 5 may be charged from 10 percent to 80 percent in as little as 18 minutes.