The fight between the Yonkos and the Supernovas will continue in "One Piece" Episode 1027. Though Big Mom is now out of the picture after her fall into the sea, Kaido is still around and the Worst Generation has to face him.

Aside from this major battle, several fights also happen inside the castle in the Land of Wano. Chopper and Marco are still battling Queen, while the Red Scabbards have a new opponent as they search for Kanjuro. So, what will happen in "One Piece" Episode 1027?

Sports Keeda noted the next episode would be titled "Defend Luffy! Zoro and Law's Sword Technique!" The title itself hints at Zoro and Law's move to protect Luffy from Kaido.

Luffy is already heavily injured, so the rest of the Supernovas have to keep him away from Kaido before the latter gets a chance to kill him. Sure, Big Mom is gone, but Kaido is still there and he's a huge threat to the Worst Generation.

So, to defeat Kaido, Zoro has to use his Conqueror Haki, as seen in "One Piece" Episode 1027 preview. Big Mom will still be seen here, floating in the sea and seeming to be thinking of something.

Of course, the new episode may also continuously feature the other fights inside the castle. By the looks of it, several intense turns of events await the fans.

In "One Piece" Episode 1026, fans witnessed how Orochi continued to burn the castle from the inside while cursing Kaido and his allies, per OtakuKart. Elsewhere, the Red Scabbards were on their way to find Kanjuro to stop him from killing Momonosuke.

They met Orochi on the way and the latter threatened to kill them. No one knew Kaido had decapitated his head, but they took Orochi for a fool and all harmed him when he transformed into a snake.

However, they made their move to find Kanjuro, while Raizo stayed behind to fight Orochi's loyal ninja. In addition, the Yonkos and the Supernovas continued their heated battle on the rooftop.

They planned to separate the emperors, so Luffy faced Kaido while the others fought Big Mom. Kaido used Bolo Breath against Luffy. Thankfully, Law and Kid managed to grab his hand and launched him toward Kaido to hit him with a heavy punch.

Alternatively, Kid, Zoro and Law captured Big Mom's weapon and managed to throw her into the sea. What happens from here can be seen when "One Piece" Episode 1027 drops on Sunday, July 31.