Meghan Markle is, reportedly, urging her husband, Prince Harry, to tell his truth in his much-anticipated memoir. The Duke of Sussex, allegedly, worries over his book and the possible feud it may cause between him and the Firm, probably delaying its release.

With that said, a source revealed Meghan Markle came to Prince Harry's rescue and gave him some advice on what to do. So, would the public finally see its release?

Express revealed the controversial royal is "worried sick" over the possibility that his memoir will "lead to a new war" with the royal family. So, to comfort her husband, the former actress, reportedly, urged him not to hide what really happened as he, allegedly, found it hard to think of what to write.

A source told Heat magazine that every passage had been revised several times. While Prince Harry tried to remember "new things" that he wanted to include in the book, he suddenly panicked and tried to tone down some stories.

So, does this have something to do with book's delay? The memoir's release has been moved after not appearing on the list of Penguin Random House's books for autumn.

A biography writer expert told Express that it was because of Prince Harry's struggle to "find the right words to express himself" and worries about the possibility of upsetting his readers with the "harsh truths."

Now, an insider allegedly close to the Sussexes seemed to confirm that the reason for the delay was "just that" as Prince Harry was afraid to pull the trigger. He was, reportedly, feeling the pressure and continuously changing his mind on what details to include in the book.

The tipster continued that this scenario had been going on for months already. So, with its upcoming release date, he had no choice but to "put it on hold or pull the trigger and hope for the best."

The book has been in the works for two years, being ghost-written by Pulitzer Prize winner JR Moehringer. In an announcement, Prince Harry revealed that he's writing his memoir, which, reportedly, earned him about $20 million, not as the prince he was born, but as the man he had become, per People.

After wearing several hats throughout his life, literally and figuratively, Prince Harry hoped his story could help show that he had more in common with the public than others believed no matter where they came from.