After months of speculations, Kang Ye Won finally dispels the rumors that she has cut ties with the former "Single's Inferno" contender Song Ji Ah. The Hyowon CNC Co-CEO shares a post on her Instagram Story on Monday, August 1, tagging the YouTuber known as Free Zia, proving their close friendship remains.

Rumors about the two's alleged broken relationship began after Kan Ye Won deleted all of Song Ji Ah's photos on her Instagram following her use of fake clothing controversy in January. Now, it looks like they have been doing fine all along.

The actress revealed on her Instagram Story via AllKpop, that the reality star visited her house. She even tagged her on her story and wrote a cute caption.

"A doll came to our house," she said. "Julie kept staring at Free Zia <3<3 Unnie don't leave <3." Julie seems to be her dog.

Aside from this, they have also shown their friendship remains the same after volunteering together in May.

Kang Ye Won is known for being Hyowon CNC's co-representative, representing Song Ji Ah. She has been showing a close friendship with the once-controversial star through her social media posts.

The two shared photos and videos of them in January, but they were all suddenly deleted, per K-Star Trend. Come January 23, there were no posts featuring Song Ji Ah on her account.

Kany Ye Won also avoided talking about Song Ji Ah. Despite the social media star's controversy at the time, she never went on the front lines to defend her.

Only the company's co-CEO, Kim Hyo Jin, talked about the allegations surrounding Song Ji Ah and apologized for what happened. With her silence, several netizens left comments on her posts, demanding her to explain the issue Song Ji Ah was involved in.

"Explain Song Ji Ah's fake products yourself," they said. One netizen even accused her of hiding despite claiming herself as the artist's manager in the show "Omniscient Interfering View."

But when the controversy got worse, Kang Ye Won closed her comment box instead.

For context, Song Ji Ah started to be recognized through the Netflix reality show "Single's Inferno." She often donned signature and luxurious brand of clothes on the series, but netizens noticed they seemed to be faked.

On January 17, she admitted her clothes were all duped and issued a formal apology. She said the controversy netizens pointed out was true and she was really sorry. "We apologize to the officials, subscribers and fans," she added.