new battle may ensue in "Black Clover" Chapter 333 after the revelations of Julius' new form as Lucius. A lot is about to happen in the next installment, from a glimpse of Lucius' activities from the past year to the possible appearance of Yuno.

"Black Clover" Chapter 333 may begin another round of huge fights unless Lucius makes them believes he's harmless. However, with how he mocks Asta, he may find it hard to fool everyone.

Magic Knight Captains and the mages, like Asta and Noelle, are all in the capital. Sure, Asta is Lucius' target, but it remains to be seen why he singled the protagonist out, Sports Keeda noted.

If a fight begins, fans will see Asta's mastery over Devil Possession and Noelle's growth. She may no longer have Undine as Lolopechka is probably healed by now.

Yuno is out of the picture and it's unclear if Lucius intentionally chose this moment, knowing his history with the Spade Kingdom. There are theories that Sister Lily's appearance and her arc's conclusion as Asta's love interest may have begun creator Yuki Tabata's plan for Lucius' storyline.

So, "Black Clover" Chapter 333 may feature a tragedy to make the situation worst, revealing Lucius' cruel intent. With that said, fans may start hoping that Sister Lily will not be the casualty of this plot.

Meanwhile, "Black Clover" Chapter 332 showed Lucius in front of Lucifero and eating his heart after the fight, per OtakuKart News. He declared that humans were superior in using magic.

It then featured a major time jump of a year and three months, with Asta being promoted to Senior Magic Knight, First Class. Yuno, alternatively, was promoted to Grand Magic Knight.

However, with several complications, Asta's promotion was put on hold, so he wasn't granted the same title as Yuno. Elsewhere, Fuegoleon, Nozel, and Mereoleona were the nominees to be the next Wizard King, but everyone refused it for various reasons.

Yami was then seen perplexed about Charlotte, who was in love with him. Asta decided to propose to Sister Lily, bus she said no and told him he was like a little brother to her.

Instead, he asked her to see how he would become the Wizard King when Julius appeared in front of him. Asta congratulated him for making it this far.

What happens next can be seen when "Black Clover" Chapter 333 drops on Sunday, August 7.