All eyes are now on "One Piece" Chapter 1056 after the revelations of the previous chapter. Though it may be too early for spoilers, several predictions surround the next installment.

The threat of Aramaki getting inside Wano to kill Luffy is already gone. Shanks, alternatively, is now on his way to beginning his new journey to claim One Piece. So, what will happen in "One Piece" Chapter 1056?

OtakuKart noted it's quite expected that the next chapter will reveal the bounties of other Straw Hat Pirates, like Yamato and Momonosuke. Law, Robin and Sukiyaki have begun their own adventure in the depths of Wano.

Despite getting the third role poneglyph, no one knows the whereabouts of Pluton yet. With that said, several theories surround the hyped ancient weapon, along with a character's comeback.

Who is it? Kaido. Many expect Kaido's return in "One Piece" Chapter 1056. In fact, this theory has been circulating for some time already.

It has been known that he ate fish-fish fruit, so he may have the ability to live under the water. There are also assumptions that Luffy's last punch has brought him into the depths of Wano in the volcano. There are also theories that Mount Fuji is maybe the Ancient weapon, Pluton.

Meanwhile, SportsKeeda revealed "One Piece" Chapter 1055 featured an editor's note tease for the upcoming chapter. Many assume the next issue will update fans on the Shichibukai and the Revolutionary Army status.

There are theories about a battle between Shichibukai and the Marines in "One Piece" Chapter 1056. However, it may be unlikely to happen, knowing the time that has passed since Shichibukai's disbandment.

It's also possible that the next issue will reveal more details about the state of the world. This assumption may have stemmed from the previous chapter's main goal to establish Wano lore and answer the question about Plutons' whereabouts in Wano.

Since no further Wano plot points may be introduced, more world events are maybe set to be presented. By the looks of it, fans are generally hyped for the coming of "One Piece" Chapter 1056, whatever the case is.

Wano is now on its way to its end and fans look happy and contented with the recent chapter as they look forward to what will happen next. With that said, fans hope the upcoming "One Piece" Chapter 1056 will live up to the hype when it drops on Sunday, August 7.