Denji is still missing in action three chapters into "Chainsaw Man" Part 2. As many expect his appearance to mark the release of the 100th chapter, will fans finally see him in "Chainsaw Man" Part 2 Chapter 101?

Fans, who have waited for the series' return for two years, are now clamoring to see Denji return to action. However, as Tatsuki Fujimoto seems to focus on Asa Mitaka and War Devil's storyline, it looks like Denji may not make his appearance in "Chainsaw Man" Part 2 Chapter 101 yet.

Epic Dope noted the mangaka may still work on Asa's character development before Denji finally enters the scene. She has shown much of it in the previous chapter and there may be more coming from the War Devil host.

The creator may also focus on expanding the story of the two other characters and their relationship with Asa. The War Devil will play a major role in the series and Denji may need to face him soon.

So, when will Denji finally make his appearance? It's highly unlikely to happen in "Chainsaw Man" Part 2 Chapter 101.

Instead, he may make his grand entry when the War Devil makes a major step. It's also possible that he will pop out in the series anytime, just like the other side characters.

In "Chainsaw Man" Part 2 Chapter 100, titled "How to Walk Shoeless," Asa made a new friend. Everything was peaceful in this chapter. In fact, it was believed to be the most peaceful entry in the manga.

The War Devil also didn't make an appearance here, letting Asa be. He didn't try to interrupt or control Asa this time. As Denji was yet to appear, it looked like Fujimoto was building hype for his return.

However, Sports Keeda added that Denji's non-appearance was hurting the series. It can't be denied that readers love Asa's storyline, but they're still waiting for Denji to make his much-awaited comeback.

In a discussion on Twitter, fans debate whether Fujimoro is making the series suffer through Denji's absence. Of course, he will surely appear in the series sooner or later, but many think it's too late.

Many are disappointed not to see him in "Chainsaw Man" Part 100. Though they admit they enjoy reading Asa's storyline, things will still be different with Denji around. So, fans have to wait and see if Denji will finally make his appearance when "Chainsaw Man" Part 2 Chapter 101 drops on Tuesday, August 2.