"Black Clover" Chapter 332 finally dropped after a three-month hiatus to prepare for its final act. Now, to celebrate its big return, Shueisha released a special promo, while creator Yuki Tabata penned a special letter to fans and teased Asta's future.

Tabata and the people behind the manga decided to take a break to prepare for the series' final saga. So, with its return with "Black Clover" Chapter 332, the end has now begun.

Shueisha's special promo featured Asta, showcasing his powers throughout different battles. However, it mostly highlighted his fight against Lucifero.

Yuno and other fan favorites like Yami and Noelle were also seen in the epic video. As expected, many liked the almost five-minute clip, making fans more excited to see the entire final arc.

Tabata also dropped a special letter to commemorate the manga's return with the release of "Black Clover" Chapter 332. The note came with the latest issue of Weekly Shonen Jump when it recently hit the shelves in Japan.

His message started with announcing the manga's return to serialization after the three-month break. "It was quite a break, but I have done my best to exceed expectations for this final act!" he teased.

He then revealed that Asta and his friends would face greater challenges to be the Magic Emperor from this point forward. Aside from the manga, fans would also be treated to the coming of a new anime movie.

With that said, Tabata swore he would do his best not to be overwhelmed with the "hard schedules" of the weekly release. He then asked the series' fans to give them support and thanked everyone who patiently waited for the manga's return.

So, what does "Black Clover" Chapter 332 entail? Comicbook revealed the new chapter was rather a "meaty one." Aside from focusing on Asta's final confession to his crush, many interesting events happened in the background.

A hero scorched the Earth when a secret allegiance was revealed. This just proved that the manga's final act had already ramped the intensity with just one chapter released.

Fans who would like to keep up with the manga could read the series online through Viz Media. The entire series is available through its Shonen Jump app. MangaPlus also has its own catagalog.

Alternatively, the entire four-season anime can be seen on Crunchyroll. The show is now on a break as Studio Pierrot is still waiting for the manga to move forward to continue its adaptation. There are no words yet when "Black Clover" Season 5 will begin, but a new anime movie is now in the works.