WINNER's Song Min Ho talked about his close bond with his sister, Song Dan Ah, in an episode of MBC's "DNA Mate" on Tuesday, August 2. Though brothers tend to be stricter toward their younger siblings, the NEW.F.O seems fond of her brother nagging her.

The talk about the siblings' relationship started when Kim Jin Woo's sister, Kim Jin Hee, visited the WINNER members to congratulate them on their comeback. From there, they began a discussion about their bonds with their siblings.

Kim Jin Woo admitted that he felt awkward around his younger sister due to their eight-year age gap. However, they have grown closer now, thanks to the variety show, AllKpop noted.

Lee Seung Hoon, alternatively, said seeing them closer felt like it would be good if Song Mi Ho and Song Dan Ah appeared in the program, too. "Their sibling chemistry is no joke," he added.

The WINNER members then asked Kim Jin Hee who she would choose among the other group members if she would replace her brother. She then picked the youngest member of the group, Kang Seung Yoon.

The band then warned her that Kang Seung Yoon would nag her endlessly if she chose him. They even added that he was only nice and kind to strangers.

Kim Jin Woo then asked Kim Jin Hee if she preferred an older brother who would nag her or the one more stoic. The latter chose the stoic one, pleasing her patient brother more.

Song Min Ho then chimed in and revealed Song Dan Ah liked it when he nagged her more. She allegedly always craves his attention and will feel upset if he doesn't talk to her.

He even recalled talking to her about the issue she was facing. After a day, their mom spoke to him, saying that his sister told her that she got good advice from him and looked happy.

He continued that they used to fight "tooth and nail" when they were still kids. Now, Song Dan Ah has become stronger than him, considering girls grow faster than boys.

Meanwhile, WINNER held a guerrilla concert on the Mulbit Stage at Yeoui-do's Han River on July 10, hosted by NaverNOW. The group performed some of their hit songs, from "Empty" to "Don't Flirt" to tracks from their recently released fourth mini album, "Holiday."

Song Min Ho showed everyone what he got when he performed the b-side track, "Family," from "Holiday" and stunned the viewers with his live version of the rap verse. As expected, many praised the K-pop idol for his incredible rapping skills.