Wendy Williams may have reportedly spoken too soon about her marriage.

On Tuesday, news broke that the 58-year-old celebrity got married to a New York Police Department officer named "Henry." However, her rep has since quashed the claims, telling Page Six that they are "inaccurate."

William Selby exclusively spoke to the publication and noted that Williams is "excited about a new relationship." He also stated that the former talk show host "probably got carried away in conversation."

The rep later added that the "shock jockette" "does not wish to disclose details at the moment" with regard to the mystery man.

It all comes after Jason Lee recalled a phone call he had with Wendy Williams on Tuesday night's material for his "Hollywood Unlocked" podcast.

The publication said that the host shared the exchange between him and the television personality on the latest episode of the platform. He stated that she told him she was flying to Los Angeles later this week, before revealing the "bombshell news."

Lee noted that he had learned from Williams that she "got married." When he asked "when," he claimed, "She's like, 'I got married last week.'"

While the celebrity's rep has already spoken, the case is not the same for her. She has yet to make any comment regarding the matter.

Meanwhile, it has been only a few weeks since Wendy Williams revealed her desire not to tie the knot again.

Earlier in July, the television personality told Hollywood Life exclusively that "there is no money in getting married." Accordingly, she said she "will never get married again."

Williams argued, however, that she "can't wait to fall in love. Even so, she asserted that she will "probably have to go through 40 or 50 men before [she] finds the right one."

As for the shock jockette's "must-have qualities in a partner," the publication quoted her, saying, "He's got to make more money than me. I know what I want."

Wendy Williams was married to Kevin Hunter for 22 years. They tied the knot in 1997, but she ended up filing for divorce from him earlier in 2019.

A separate report from Hollywood Life said that the former talk show host and the television producer began their relationship in 1995, adding that they started out having a "fairytale romance." However, the union had reportedly "soured" following all the rumors and accusations that the then-pair had faced over the years.

Hunter and Williams share one child, whom they welcomed in 2000. It is also believed that the former pair are on speaking terms to date.