Kawaki and Himawari will be university students in "Boruto" Episode 261. The class is about to start, along with the beginning of the new arc, which means a different kind of adventure will begin.

Kawaki and Himawari are now on their way to become effective Shinobis. So, what will come their way as they begin this new journey in "Boruto" Episode 261?

SportsKeeda noted the two would be going to the Ninja Academy. It's a place where kids study to be an effective Shinobi and also to make friends.

Sure, Kawaki has already shown impressive ninja skills, but his social skills are a different question. It's far different from the rest.

He will be accompanied by Himawari as they're also on a secret mission to keep one of their classmates safe. This will lead Kawaki to navigate a complicated school life in "Boruto" Episode 261.

Fans have been waiting to see this arc to witness how Kawaki and Himawari will look like as university students. Kawaki is much older than Himawari, but as they're about to be classmates, how things will go for the two?

This may help the two's relationship develop and reveal how powerful the Uzumaki girl can be. So, this is definitely a must-see for fans.

Meanwhile, "Boruto" Episode 260 showed the fight between the two shopkeepers, Ohagi and Taruto, as witnessed by Boruto and Kakashi, per Coming Soon. Yubeshi, Ohagi's grandchild, explained what happened to them, arguing over the fireworks show.

Kakashi wanted to help after Yubeshi showed him a copy of Make-Out Tactics. He then went to Taruto's shop with Boruto and both learned that Ohagi and Taruto used to be close friends.

Sabure then told the two how Ohagi and Taruto ended up fighting. Taruto used to be the only New City resident who helped with Old Town's fireworks show.

New City then wanted to have its own show, so it put Taruto in charge. This made Ohagi saw Taruto as a traitor. Despite his innocence, Taruto wanted to apologize.

Boruto and Kakashi held a meeting, but Ohagi and Taruto just argued even more. Boruto then asked Yubeshi and Sabure to bring out the food Ohagi and Taruto prepared together, but it just made them angrier.

The two's fight would affect their grandkids', Yubeshi and Sabure, marriage, so Kakashi found a way to settle the issue. Both sides held their own displays, but as conflicts continued to arise, Ohagi and Taruto stopped the shows and convince their grandfathers to make up.

"Boruto" Episode 261 will be out on Sunday, August 7.