Fans thought BTS's Jin would be starting a new job as an actor after attending movie premiers following the group's hiatus to focus on doing their solo activities. However, the worldwide handsome opted to do a white-collar job at the video game company Nexon and the latter revealed his impressive resume.

Jin surprised everyone when he revealed he would start a new job at a company other than HYBE. So, what made Nexon hire the BTS member?

The company gave everyone a glimpse of the 29-year-old's resume that it claimed "intimated the MapleStory team," per Koreaboo. As expected, his CV was both "interesting and amusing." He would start working on August 16.

Though it didn't contain much information about the K-pop star, it effortlessly impressed fans with his experience and awards. He was applying for the job of MapleStory game designer/planner.

He wrote he had 10 years of experience as an idol, being a part of BTS since 2013, and his hobbies were MapleStory and singing. He used "worldwide handsome" as his nickname and his professional experience was being part of BigHit Entertainment as Bangtan Sonyeondan.

Under awards, he just listed the honor he received from the Korean Popular Culture and Arts Awards by the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Commendation in 2016. Well, if he enlisted his every accolade and achievement, he needed a bigger space and a few more pages to reveal them all.

As expected, fans praised Jin's resume, saying he was so modest he could put all the "Daesangs and grand prizes" he won over time, per AllKpop. Another said he was so chill about his achievements, while some added his CV looked cute and cool. Though he didn't include all his winnings, an ARMY member claimed his resume had so much swag.

Meanwhile, Jin is known for being a big MapleStory fan. In fact, he was so into it affected his eating habits. He later launched Korea's latest craze since Pokémon Bread, "Maple Bread."

He said he went to 15 different convenience stores at the time but didn't buy all the stocks at each place for consideration of others next to him. After that, he didn't have to worry about going starving for the next three days and asked Wonky to please appear.

As a true fan, Jin collected lots of merchandise and specifically loved Pink Bean. He said it was safe in his account and he would save it until he needed to buy things when he played MapleStory. As a known avid fan, he even had the opportunity to judge the Golden Hand Awards, MapleStory's first character design awards.