Albuquerque police on Wednesday revealed that a man was arrested and charged with the murder of two Muslim males.

On Tuesday, police identified Muhammed Syed, 51, as the "main suspect in the recent murders of Muslim men" and charged him with murdering Aftab Hussein on July 26 and Muhammad Afzaal Hussian on August 1.

Since November, four Muslim males have been murdered in the city, and investigators believe the suspect may eventually be charged with the other two killings.

Bullet casings discovered at both crime scenes were used by detectives to link the two crimes.

An anonymous tip led authorities to Syed. Authorities said that when they went to search his Albuquerque residence, he left in a Volkswagen Jetta, which the public had been informed was being sought in connection with the murders.

Police continue to carry out a probe on Syed's possible participation in the August 5 and November 7 murders of Naeem Hussain and Mohammed Zaher Ahmadi.

Syed was eventually apprehended near Santa Rosa, New Mexico. Authorities reportedly conducted a search of his residence, where they claim to have discovered many firearms.

It appears that Syed knew his victims, according to authorities and the FBI. Tuesday afternoon, Police Chief Harold Medina first announced an arrest via Twitter.

Police said they have located the vehicle alleged to be involved in the recent murder of a Muslim man in Albuquerque, wrote Medina.

According to police, the driver was apprehended and is the prime suspect in the murders.

Police noted that they were searching for a four-door, dark-colored Volkswagen, likely a Jetta or Passat, with tinted windows and probable damage.`

Mayor Tim Keller said authorities believe the vehicle was the one used in the Friday night killing.

Keller told reporters on Sunday, "We have some information about what transpired, and we have some leads... We have a great lead, an intriguing vehicle. We are unaware of its affiliation or ownership."

The wave of murders in Albuquerque has shook the Muslim community. Sunday, police stated that it was too early to determine if the murders would be categorized as hate crimes.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) offered a reward of $10,000 for information leading to an arrest on Saturday.

In a statement released on Tuesday, CAIR commended law enforcement for the arrest and expressed its hope that "the news that this violence has ended will provide the Muslim community of New Mexico with a sense of peace and security."